Irina Ivlijeva

My name is Irina and I live in Grave, the Netherlands. Since 2014 I have been working at IBN in Uden, a social company that works for people with a distance to the job market. I recently started working there in the HR department. About 4 years ago I started to immerse myself more in physical and mental well-being. Not only because I think a healthy body is important, but also because I needed more inner peace and balance in my life. I first started taking a Reiki course. Reiki means 'Universal Life Energy'. By laying on of hands you can let life energy flow through the body and activate the self-healing ability of the body. Later, yoga came my way. I used to dance a lot, so I was physically active. In the first place that was the reason why yoga appealed to me and in particular Vinyasa Yoga, an active style in which movements are performed in a flow.

I started taking yoga classes and soon found out that yoga is much more than just doing postures and a flexible body. It's a lifestyle with all kinds of habits that you can master and apply in your daily routine to create a healthier lifestyle. My enthusiasm made me want to learn more about yoga. That is why I followed the 200-hours Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Nomad Yoga in Hoi An (Vietnam) and successfully completed it in December 2019.

Yoga has contributed to awareness of my inner world and helped me get closer to myself, and thus make better choices for myself. I'd like see this helps other people too. The outside world is a reflection of your inside world. When you feel good about yourself, it also has a positive effect on your environment. Only if you take good care of yourself, can you give the best of yourself.

I'd like to develop myself more as a teacher and so I have several training courses planned this year. For example, a Yin Yoga training is planned at Arhanta Yoga International in October. I am happy to share my experiences at Yoga Sanchara and hope to see you!

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“Performance-oriented yoga is no yoga, it comes to your personal development and not to the judgments of others about you.” - Lorna Jane Smits-Siahaya