Titia de Meijer

My name is Titia de Meijer. I took my first yoga class in 1996 in Amsterdam, in the spiritual centre Oibibio of Ronald Jan Heijn. A few years later I was pregnant and followed pregnancy yoga classes in my home town Vught. Since then, yoga has become a part of my life. At Arterre Holistisch Opleiding & Kindercentrum in Nijmegen, I followed the Holistic Kids Yoga teacher training. Later on I fulfilled the Hatha Yoga teacher training, for adults at Saswitha Opleiding voor Yoga en Wijsbegeerte in Bilthoven.

Now, in addition to other work as an entrepreneur, I teach yoga to various groups or to individuals. Of course I love to spend time with my children, family and pets. In the daily life things like household are part of it too. For many people pretty tough to keep track on all that... What a challenge it is to make time for and pay attention to yourself!

Practicing yoga helps me to stay balanced. We're used to arrange everything what we face from our heads and minds. In doing so, we often forget our body. While our body masters an enormous wisdom. At yoga our breath is the rudder and it revolves around the exercise; experiencing your own body. With love and wonder you're looking at yourself, giving the attention and space to your own feeling. What you find is what you observe. No doubt you'll being faced with your capabilities and limitations. To look at it with compassion the confidence in your body will grow and you'll be able to respect your limits, so that you can push your boundaries in a responsible manner. Awareness, satisfaction, no continuous striving for more but for better. Yoga brings stability and peace in a hectic world. Samtosha! - Be content with what presents itself.

During Lorna Jane's maternity leave I supported Yoga Sanchara by giving yoga classes. And I'm glad that I can continue to provide this support based on incidental needs.


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“It's not important what a yoga pose looks like, it comes to the essence that you experience.” - Lorna Jane Siahaya