Wegens de aangescherpte COVID-19 maatregelen is onze yogastudio helaas tot nader order gesloten. Online lessen zijn in ontwikkeling zodat je thuis yoga kan beoefenen. Wij hopen je gauw weer te mogen ontvangen in onze sfeervolle yogastudio.


Amount Duration
Trial class € 10,00 75 min
Single class € 13,50 75 min
Monthly Subscription (1x per week) € 48,00 75 min
Personal Hatha Yoga (4 classes) € 220,00 60 min
Yoga Sanchara Online (video classes) € - - min
- Video classes are included in the monthly subscription.


At our place you follow yoga classes once a week with a monthly subscription. This allows you to take a class once a week when it suits you. If unable to attend, the class can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance. You can make up for the canceled class within the term of the relevant month, if a spot available. After that, the missed lesson will be canceled. If you want to come more often or don't want a monthly subscription, you can purchase a single class and make a reservation, if a spot is available. With a monthly subscription you are assured of a spot, because you can make reservations in advance for the entire month.

In addition to the regular class schedule, 'specials' such as a workshop are regularly added to the class schedule. Check our agenda and class schedule in Eversports regularly for the latest updates.


  1. Do you already have an account with Yoga Sanchara? Login to Eversports and buy a monthly subscriptionclasses, preferably through iDEAL. Then book all classes for the coming month. 
  2. Are you new to Yoga Sanchara? Then register ​​​​​​​first, purchase a trial class or monthly subscription, preferably through iDEAL. Then book the trial class or all classes for the coming month.
  3. The monthly subscription is automatically debited once a month and can be canceled monthly.
  4. From 1 October 2020, registration costs of € 7,50 will be added when purchasing or re-purchasing a monthly subscription.
  5. If you are unable to attend you can cancel up to 24 hours before class. You can make up for the canceled class within the term of the relevant month, if a spot available. After that, the missed class will expire.
  6. No regular classes are given on public holidays and during the Christmas holidays (meaning 2 week in The Netherlands).
  7. Make sure to arrive 5 minutes before class.
  8. By registering and participating you agree with our Terms & Conditions.

Yoga props

Normally Yoga Sanchara provides all yoga props (aids) such as a blanket, meditation cushion and yoga block. Due to COVID-19 measures, we kindly request you to bring your own. However, our Manduka yoga mats are antibacterial. The use of it is free and they're cleaned after every class. 


Heufkensweg 6
5403 PJ Uden
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Public Transport


  • Busline 99, stop Wijsthoek
  • Free but limited parking spaces
  • Bicycle rack available

Online class

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connect to your inner self!
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Birthday party Kids Yoga

Do you want to celebrate your birthday with a Holistic Kids Yoga class? Feel free to contact us. Contact us

“Performance-oriented yoga is no yoga, it comes to your personal development and not to the judgments of others about you.” - Lorna Jane Smits-Siahaya