Lorna Jane

My name is Lorna Jane, I'm a mother of two beautiful boys and founder of Yoga Sanchara. Besides music, yoga is one of my passions. Yoga came my way through years of chronic back pain. My affinity with sports made me a real all-round athlete, from strength training and running to martial arts. After eleven years of loyal service to the Royal Netherlands Air Force and years of therapeutic treatments for my back, I decided to focus more on yoga. My first yoga class had such a positive effect on my body and mind that it motivated me to integrate it into my daily routine. I used yoga as medicine for a long time. Ultimately, yoga practice was able to eliminate my physical complaints and became a prevention tool.

For me Hatha Yoga is attractive because of the inward focus and effect on kinesthetic level. Firstly, discovering and shifting the physical limits of your own body: building up muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. You will learn to get to know and understand your own body better. Secondly, mental surrender to each pose: create peace and learn to relax. This combination stimulates the overall functioning of the body: glands, muscles, organs, nervous system and blood circulation.
Yoga can also be confrontational. Due to the effect on kinesthetic level, it is possible to eliminate emotional blockades. With yoga you connect to your inner self and you can create a balance between body, mind and soul. For me there is no better way to achieve that. Yoga practice can slow down the aging process of the body. In addition, it's excellent to combine with other sports.

In 2013 I traveled to Khajuraho (India) to follow the Hatha Yoga teacher training. This training I have followed at Arhanta Yoga International which is accredited by Yoga Alliance. On March 19, 2014 founded Yoga Sanchara. In addition I have successfully completed the Holistic Kids Yoga teacher training in June 2016, at Arterre Holistische Opleiding & Kindercentrum. Holistic Kids Yoga has been developed from the Hatha Yoga and is accredited by VYN, BATC and LVNG. I also graduated in HBO Bachelor Business Administration at the NCOI.

Currently I no longer share my knowledge and experience in my yoga studio, but online via my YouTube channel. I hope to reach you there to help discover what yoga can mean. Do you have any requests for online classes? Feel free to contact me and share your suggestions.

Lorna Jane

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“Performance-oriented yoga is no yoga, it comes to your personal development and not to the judgments of others about you.” - Lorna Jane Smits-Siahaya