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Yoga is Sanskrit, meaning to unify; unification of the individual soul with God. However, for many people yoga in practice means working on the self-awareness by doing physical and mental exercises. This is the connection of body and mind and to become one, to be as one. Sanchara is Sanskrit for traveling or life journey. Yoga Sanchara merged can then be interpreted as: ' the connecting trip or life journey. '

At Yoga Sanchara there is an intimate homely atmosphere where you can escape from the daily hustle. We prefer small groups with up to 8 participants. This allows the teacher to give personal attention to each participant and apply "hands-on adjustments" (corrections).

Practicing yoga poses (asanas) helps you relax both body and mind. It gives you more energy and reduces physical complaints such as head, neck or back pain. In addition, it contributes to flexibility, muscle strength and endurance.

Participants are allowed to train on their own level so you can always enter, regardless of your experience level. There is also opportunity for modifications making it possible to even take part with peculiarities, such as physical symptoms. Yoga Sanchara works with an online booking system what allows you to book classes when it suits you.

Yoga Sanchara offers:

Also for workshops on request (individuals/companies) and Holistic Kids Yoga for kids birthday parties your are very welcome at our place.

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“One succeeds in all Yogas through energetic practice. Even if one is young, old, very old, sick, or weak.” - Swami Svatmarama