Yoga Sanchara

Yoga is Sanskrit and means union; union of the individual soul with God. However, for many in practice, yoga means working on self-awareness through physical and mental exercises. This is about connecting body and mind to become one, being one. Sanchara is Sanskrit for journey or way of life. Yoga Sanchara put together can then be interpreted as: 'The connecting journey or way of life.'

In my yoga studio there is an intimate homely atmosphere. Together with other yoga teachers I have taught students here in small groups for years. Personal attention and quality is what Yoga Sanchara stands for. Running the studio and teaching I have done with a lot of love and pleasure for a long time. Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, I have come to the decision to close the doors of the yoga studio to students. However, yoga is still my passion. I also like to share my knowledge and experiences. To that end, I have set up my YouTube channel. From now on I will focus on online classes for the time being, which you can follow for free.

Are you interested in private classes, to follow a class or workshop in your own group, for example for a bachelor party or team outing? Or do you want to throw a Kids Yoga party? Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Lorna Jane

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“It's not important what a yoga pose looks like, it comes to the essence that you experience.” - Lorna Jane Smits-Siahaya