Holistic Kids Yoga

What is Holistic Kids Yoga?

In today's society children often have a full program by, among others things, school, homework and sports. Therefore they can experience unrest in a certain degree. Also with playing, watching television, playing with the computer and reading for example, they receive new impressions and many incentives. By all these external factors it may be that children don't sleep well, express exuberant or can't find rest in their heads. This is referred to as a certain disharmony that got embedded in the heart-brain system. Holistic Kids Yoga approaches a child as a whole and can eliminate this disharmony. “Holistic” comes from the Greek word "holos" and means "whole". A holistic method stimulates the awareness and self healing ability in children. It offers them support in their social-emotional development.


Holistic Kids Yoga has been developed from Hatha Yoga and different than adult yoga. From a playful theme (dynamic) yoga poses are being performed and supplemented by songs and rhymes that match the interests and experience of children. Muscular exertion and relaxation are interspersed with each other and attention is paid to breathing. In addition, silence game and visualization is applied but above all having fun comes first.

Further more it also helps the positive development of the physical and mental condition, as well as the senses, imagination and social skills by the non-competitive atmosphere. Children deserve personal attention and Yoga Sanchara attaches great importance to that. Therefore the groups excists out of a maximum of 8 children. In short, a safe environment in which children learn to accept themselves and to respect others. Classes end with something to drink and a creative processing assignment.

Kids birthday party

Yoga Sanchara currently only offers the Holistic Kids Yoga for kids birthday parties. There can be chosen from a variety of themes by the birthday boy or girl. Have fun, get in touch with yourself and going home all relaxed. Isn't that super nice? A Kids Yoga birthday party is already possible from 5 kids.

Do you want to celebrate your birthday with a Holistic Kids Yoga class? Feel free to contact us for more information.

Birthday party Kids Yoga

Do you want to celebrate your birthday with a Holistic Kids Yoga class? Feel free to contact us. Contact us

“It's not important what a yoga pose looks like, it comes to the essence that you experience.” - Lorna Jane Siahaya