Personal Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is an ancient form of yoga, developed by and for the monks to support their meditation. Hatha is Sanskrit and made up of the words 'ha' (Sun) and 'tha' (Moon). It symbolizes balance between opposing terms that form a couple, such as positive and negative, male and female and day and night. Hatha Yoga is about creating a balance in your body with an inward focus: you concentrate on your own body and breathing. Hatha Yoga postures stimulate blood circulation, internal organs, glands and nervous system in the body.
Swami Sivananda, a Hindu spiritual leader, made Hatha Yoga accessible for non-Monks and also for women in the 50's. Nowadays many women and an increasingly number of men in the West practice yoga.

Personal Hatha Yoga classes

When you need more personal assistance than in a group class, it is possible to take Personal Hatha Yoga classes. These classes are one on one and totally focused on your needs. The need for these classes can be arising from for example (specific) long-term physical symptoms, a suffered injury or simply want to experience more depth. It could also be that you are needy to practicing yoga on a less or more intensive level. Further more it's also possible to combine the private classes with group classes.

Intake interview and personal yoga plan

First, there will take place an introduction with an intake interview to get clear all of your wishes, needs and any (physical) complaints. This conversation takes up to half an hour. On the basis of the objectives resulting from that, I'll make a personal yoga plan which I'll develop further after our conversation. Among other things we will also discuss the class frequency, period and the Hatha yoga forms. For example, a combination of Hatha Yoga and Hatha Flow Yoga or just pure Gentle Hatha Yoga of which the personal yoga plan can exist. Those necessary things in order to achieve its objectives, where your wishes are guiding.

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Personal Hatha Yoga

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